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Datecs Ltd was founded in 1990 by a group of research fellows from the Institute of Applied Cybernetics at the Bulgarian Academy of Science. The first laser printer with in-built Cyrillic fonts was completed in 1991 and the first professional program (“Flex Type”) for complete Cyrillic support under MS Windows was launched in 1992. “Flex Type” became the standard communication product and in 1997, Microsoft purchased a Datecs licence for the distribution of the spelling and hyphenation product “Flex Word”.

In 1993, Datecs established its Geographic information Systems Department. After developing effective and highly accurate technologies for digitalization of scanned map images, Datecs executed many large scale international projects in Bulgaria, Germany, France, Thailand and the Nile region creating digital maps of many of the major cities.

In 1996, the first Datecs brand ECR was born - the Datecs MP500. The MP500T with integrated thermal printer followed a year later. Within a few years, in excess of 100000 devices were sold in 11 countries and Datecs has become the leading brand of ECRs with fiscal memory in Central and Eastern Europe.

Datecs Ltd has held, since 2001, full ISO 9001:2000 accreditation incorporating all activities relating to the Design, Manufacture, Assembly and Delivery (GIS) of its hardware and software products.

Datecs UK was formed in 2008 to continue Datecs worldwide growth. The company offers a diverse range of products from industry-leading manufacturers such as Citizen and Posiflex.
Operating from its Buckinghamshire Headquarters, Datecs UK are already established as one of the leading EPOS and specialist printer suppliers in the UK.

In 1994, Datecs and Samsung began developing Retail Systems together. Two Samsung based Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) were reconstructed to expand their functionality and network capability.

Since 2000, Datecs has expanded its product range to include a full range of EPOS and label printers, pole displays, electronic scales, mobile printers, GPS antennae, PDA devices and accessories. The company has also opened offices in France, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine and the UK.

Datecs UK are already established as one of the leading EPOS and specialist printer suppliers in the UK
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